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Offline and can't connect - cannot reach app support.. anyone else having issues or able to fix it?

App just crashes and the GID keeps defaulting to an incorrect number. I can't view away from house.

Cannot log in

Unable to log into app. Was working fine before but now I have to delete the app every time to log in. Please fix. I also have 12 cameras but it always defaults back to the 4 camera view, very annoying.

Barely works

First the cameras disappeared. I had to rescan the app. Device never works at night. Ever. I hear stuff outside my house & cant even login to view. Request timed out! This has been the worst decision ever w ADT and regretting it daily. Is their even an option to get notifications of movement?

Cannot log in

Unable to log in into the app.

Ok but glitchy

Over all the app works for viewing the cameras only. I constantly have to switch it to the 9 camera view and cannot make that a default. At times the app server is down and will not let me log in. The biggest reason I reduce the rating is because no matter how long I wait, even selecting a small recording time frame, I cannot review previously recorded items.

Please correct

lacks vidio rewind in playback mode with iphone

Does the job

I think that it works as intended. Easy to set up and performance is adequate. Love the zoom in feature.


Perfect app.. Working fine and good quality.

Device offline

I keep getting device offline I have tried to contact someone regarding this but not able if someone could advise me as to how to fix this


The audio streaming is not working since most recent update. Have tried contacting many times with no success. Please fix

Ugly and hard to navigate design

Apparently the developer doesnt care anything about UI or functionality. After creating an account it just hard to login. It keep saying logging in forever. Sometime You can by pass the login by swiping randomly in the bottom. Yes randomly swiping, I dont know if there is hidden button there or not.

N eye

Please More update for this app we need

Tx engineer

App needs serious iPhone improvements. Please fix.

Cannot view from Internet after latest update

Hi, After latest app update April 22, I cannot view the cam via iPhone LTE. It shows device offline. It works normal if in same wifi network. Please fix it. Thanks

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